Medicine and War

In this section, you will find a range of resources, images, links and engagement activities related to the topic of Medicine and War that have been used successfully within the CSHHH Journeys in Health History School Engagement Project.



Bombs and Bandages: Lesson Breakdown

Bombs and Bandages: Lesson Presentation


Resources and activities:

Bombs and Bandages Triage Exercise

Triage: This activity involved separating the pupils into groups and having them ‘triage’ the patients on the basis of their injuries.  This allowed the pupils to ‘become the doctors/medics’ and also make decisions based on the information they had within the context of a battlefield.  This was a successful exercise for logical reasoning and historical awareness.



Wounded Exhibition – Surgery and Wounds in War – The Science Museum

Military Medical Timeline –


Audio Visual:

WW1: Shellshock and Siegfried Sassoon| History – Britain’s Great War

Feeding Under Fire – WW1 Food and Health YouTube Series: Medicinal Food



Medicine and War Images