Drink and Drugs

In this section, you will find a range of resources, images, links and engagement activities related to the topic of Drink and Drugs that have been used successfully within the CSHHH Journeys in Health History School Engagement Project.


Dangerous Drugs: Lesson Presentation


Resources and activities:

Coke, Dope and Fizzy Drinks

This activity asked the pupils to match the narcotic ingredients with the classic beverage.  This encouraged the pupils to think about the more obvious drugs and alcoholic drinks but also the impact of legal drugs such as sugar, caffine and nicotine.



Top Ten Dangerous Drugs Once Easily Bought Over the Counter – Article with images and links

Article by V. Berridge, Drugs and Social Policy: The Establishment of Drug Control in Britain 1900-30, BrituhJmtmatofAddUtion, 79, (1984), 17-29

Article by, James H. Mills, Cocaine and the British Empire: The Drug and the Diplomats at the Hague Opium Conference, 1911–12, The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, (2014), 42:3, 400-419,


Audio Visual:

An animated cartoon on smoking and health. The villain, Old Nick O’Teen , disguises himself as an 18-year-old motorcyclist, the better to lure children into the cigarette habit. Fourteen-year-old Sam falls into the trap, but after awesome visions of his future, expert advice from a doctor, and straight talk from a friendly lorry-driver renounces the habit. This video was made from material preserved by the BFI National Archive

60s teens discuss their views on cannabis – Film from BFI


Drink and Drugs Images