Food and Health

In this section, you will find a range of resources, images, links and engagement activities related to the topic of Food and Health that have been used successfully within the CSHHH Journeys in Health History School Engagement Project.


Food Fads


Food Fads: Lesson Presentation

Resources and activities:

Food Fads

This activity encouraged the pupils to analyse primary sources and interpret 19th and 20th-century medical terms from a series of articles.



Horace Fletcher (1849-1919): “The Great Masticator.”, J Hist Dent. 1997 Nov;45(3):95-100.

Fletcherism, what it is; or, How I became young at sixty – 1913


Audio Visual:

How do crash diets affect the body? | Modern Studies – Body Matters

Feeding Under Fire – WW1 Food and Diet Series


Food and Diet History Images