War and Medicine

Within this section, there are links, information and resources related to the research, teaching and publications from academics at the University of Strathclyde on the topic of the War and Medicine.  Many of these resources provide the background for the core lessons for the school engagement project.

Primary Articles and Resources:

Dr Linsey Robb on the civilian medical services in the Second World War Together with Dr Emma Newlands, Dr Robb contributed to the early lesson plan for Bombs and Bandages.  Since contributing her research to the project Dr Robb has now moved on to Northumbria University where she continues her research into Second World War and has published several books and articles on the topic.

Additional Resources


Article by Michael Mosley on the impact of warfare on the development of modern medicine. This focuses specifically on a hospital at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan, a unit at the forefront of the development of trauma surgery. A video depicts the work of the British and American surgeons who work here and their efforts to treat battle casualties.


War and Medicine: A website created by the Science Museum in London which introduces students to the major themes of war and medicine such as the role of doctors and other medical professionals in wartime, efforts to combat contagious diseases among military populations, and the destruction caused by new types of weapons. The website also charts the development of medicine in warfare from the First Wolrd War to Vietnam.

War and Medicine Wellcome Collection website: A guide to the history of war and medicine created by the Wellcome Library, including videos, images and personal recollections.